Winter in New Hampshire & Working From Home



Aahh .. It’s January again and I am letting out a sigh , not of relief but, of relaxation . It is winter in northern New Hampshire and as nature hibernates here in the beautiful Great North Woods, I change my daily schedule. I am blessed to be able to work from home for 4 days in winter and thus reacquaint myself to living by the rising and setting of the sun and my own natural rhythm.

As I write this I am sitting at my desk , in front of a window,  facing the outdoors. My view is wooded with mature spruce trees, leaf bare maples and white bark birch . With the trees bare I have a glimpse of the mountain just behind our property. It is serene and grounding.

This is my winter desk, my work perch , where I handle my ever expanding inventory of vintage treasures. After all of my photography and editing I sit here and list all of the great pieces, I have put aside, to my website here at Ladys Slipper Vintage and on Ebay and Etsy .


This time of year is always reflective for me , personally and professionally . These two things do flow together often and with ease for me.  Reviewing the year gone by in business gives me perspective of all that I have accomplished and where I need to step up .  When I was younger that meant working harder , working 7 days a week easily for at least part of the day . Now I see that it’s about working in my own rhythm. I am a morning person in my personal life and an afternoon person professionally. This actually gives me all the time and space I need to work smarter as I am able to take care of everything that would interfere with setting my brain to working , like meditation, writing and reading.  Oh and laundry, dishes and general housework. Funny how when your home the more you have to do .

With this done now I can start my work day ..  The light in the early afternoon is perfect for photography . I have large windows and it makes the fir logs of our cabin glow with a golden hue.  I have scheduled this month to restocking all of the “staples ” of my stores.  Vintage Girdles, Bras, Stockings, Gloves along with an unexpected treasure I may buy throughout the month.  My wonderful husband Mark, who is super organized, has gathered up these treasures, for me, from our warehouse .  These items sell well all year long and I seem to never restock, a few at a time, during the year so I have trained myself to do them all at once and be fully prepared .  I store the majority of these items at home in totes. Yes that wonderful organized husband of mine set me up . They are easy access and store neatly. When I have completed this goal I have set for myself  I will move onto a more varied selection of inventory. I’m thinking Vintage Costume Jewelry would be fun . I certainly have enough inventory to keep me going for the rest of my life, no joke really.  I have refrained from getting heavily into this area as it takes a very concentrated effort in photography . I am hoping my photography course, at the local community college, will prove a worthwhile investment here.


Each year has all been about setting myself up to continue to move forward.  With classes, research and playing around I continue to learn my craft .  Connecting with my online and brick and mortar customers helps me to know where the trends are and what is in high demand  . I am thinking now about what would help me have a better business in the coming year, more sales , A1 customer service and the best inventory  I can source . My 3 months of working from home are quick , even for a long winter .  As the sun starts on a higher arc in the sky and the days lengthen so does my attention span. I start to yearn to be outdoors more and not at my desk in the window, no matter how beautiful it is.  Maple Sugaring Season starts and my brain and body switch gears to fresh air and sitting by the gas lights of the Sugar House.  Soon I will be back to my 9-5 and the long winter will be a distant memory . So today, at least, I will sit contentedly here viewing a white wintery landscape and a pile of to-dos , but it’s all good because I love what I do and where I do it .

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  1. Danika

    Thank you for sharing this little glimpse into your home life. I often wondered what you did in the Winter months. I haven’t been up North in a couple years, and I certainly miss my home away from home. 🙂

    1. Post
      Kellyann Yelle

      Thank you Danika for reading my blog and responding. I really want my blog posts to be not only about business but how we do business. Living and working here in the far north is unique and interesting. I appreciate you sharing my blog and awareness of our business.

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