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Hello and welcome to my new website www.ladysslippervintage.com. My name is Kellyann Yelle and this is my baby, formed in my mental womb and birthed onto these pages. I have been contemplating writing a blog for some time now not knowing what I would talk about. Do I just write about Vintage Fashions ? or do I write about being in the business of selling Vintage Fashions ? Neither one sounded completely right to me as my life if much fuller and more interesting than just these things. So I will be writing about these things in relation to living a very rural, country life , being a wife and business partner to the same man, raising a child in our store and taking my dog to work each day.I have been in the antiques and collectibles business for 26 years. This spring , as we started our 27th year of business, I have been reflecting on how this business has changed so much and how it takes so many more avenues to make a living at it than it used to. I have met many changes, through the years, with apprehension and uncertainty and look back to see they all have been necessary and overall good. This website and blog being a very big change for me.

I am sure in writing this blog I will touch on the many aspects of this business that I love like clothing, history, emotional attachments and the people I meet and their stories. I have been truly blessed with a life that has been made richer by them all. My husband, Mark, and I have so many stories of our years in business, people we have met, things we have bought and sold , barns and attics we have gone through and working side by side for all these years. Who knows what will come to these pages.

So I hope you will follow me and let me now what you think . Like us on Facebook at Ladys Slipper Vintage or Potato Barn Antiques and look for my next blog.

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  1. Nancy Sobal

    I am a vintage clothing collector, mostly Victorian, and would like to follow your blog. Nancy Sobal

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      Kellyann Yelle

      Hi Nancy, Thank you for reading my blog and your interest in following it. Like us on Facebook and get all of our latest listings and blog posts along with shop shots and anything else that strikes our fancy. Sincerely,Kellyann

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