Vintage Thrifting – Great Finds on a Budget

Ladys Slipper Vintage Thrifting

Vintage Thrifting Great Finds on a Budget .

Now something most people don’t know about me is I’m not a shopper.. well clothes shopper that is.

Ask my closest friends and they will tell you that you”ll never see me in a mall ( not that we have any up north here) or in the changing room of the local department store . I am the woman you would see standing at the rack flipping the clothes by , not because I’m looking for my size, but because it’s all a blurrrr.. Dress after dress, blouse after blouse. I always wish for a Genie to just hand me the right size, shape and color , preferably in my home . I don’t find new clothing has much appeal and it just doesn’t excite me .


The exception is a good thrift shop . I do enjoy shopping for my business (and myself occasionally).  I love to find the couple of vintage pieces in a sea of last seasons cast offs .  The best shops will put out, on the racks, anything that is clean and wearable and that is how the vintage finds it’s way in. Great style, exceptional American fabrics, and figure flattering cuts is what makes vintage so appealing to me and thousands of others.

The only draw back for me is I don’t actively deal much in anything after 1970 so finding a 40’s or 50’s dress, in a thrift shop, is like winning the lottery. It is not an every shopping excursion event. I do come away empty handed many times . But here is the icing on the cake about thrift shops … the accessories . I can almost always find a nice vintage accessory whether it be a purse, scarf, belt , shoes or hat.  Most thrift shops readily put out these items because they don’t take up much room and most people don’t know old from new , with the exception of the label.


My experience has shown me that if you find a nice ( not made in china)  leather handbag , at a thrift shop, it is most likely vintage.  Evening bags are also plentiful especially late 50’s and early 60s.  You know the ones, sometimes beaded and sequined , many with black and navy fabric . The only criteria for these bags to fit into our modern day is if they fit phones and wallets.

Do you thrift shop? If you do what is the best find you have had? Let me know and if you have any tips or favorite strategies  on how you find your best pieces .

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  1. Tova Lieberman

    I have been thrifting for years. I found a beautiful evening bag in Milwaukee for $1. It is a tapestry. I saw the same one in an antique shop in NY for $60.

    I also go to favorite ones in NYC or Brooklyn where I live. It makes me feel great knowing that the money I paid for said purchase goes for charity – whether for sick children, the homeless or those individuals with HIV.

    I also bought a lovely table in Amish country when I was there with my son years ago. It is wood with lovely hand painting and I was embarrassed to offer $20 but that is what it cost me.

    Thank you.

    1. Post
      Kellyann Yelle

      Dear Tova, So happy to hear of your great finds. Isn’t it exciting to find treasures that others simple pass by. So glad you related to my blog post . I am always interested in hearing more about your “hunting” trips. Follow us on Facebook and keep us posted. Kellyann

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