“Fashions fade, style is eternal.”
— Yves Saint-Laurent

Lady’s Slipper Vintage grew from my love of history and the role women have played in shaping society.

My family and I started a large antiques and collectibles store in 1989 , at the height of Martha Steward, flea markets and all things collectible.

It was a soup to nuts enterprise that brought before us one of a kind country antiques to fun & funky 60’s collectibles. It was inevitable that I was in contact with closets, trunks, chests of drawers and hat boxes filled with clothing and accessories that these women held near and dear enough to hold onto for generations. The pieces had meaning in their lives and also told a story, of their own, about where our country was, in the day.

I developed a true passion with every new piece I bought and became increasingly interested in why these pieces were saved and who wore them. Not everything comes with a great story but many did. Some names and stories I was asked not to share, and I have respected this, but others were give freely and are mine to tell. I have passed along many of these stories when the pieces sold. I have even been given photos of some of the women in these amazing outfits.

As I became known for ” Dealing in Vintage” we had to make some changes, in our store, to accommodate the increase of merchandise and sales. We did a remodel in 1999 and made a Boutique room to display the clothing with a dressing room and plenty of racks. the business continued to grow and in 2006 Lady’s Slipper Vintage became it’s own identity.

After successfully becoming a Power Seller on eBay and having a store on Etsy we decided that our own web site was the next natural step. With this freedom we aim to have a broader and diversified inventory and more one on one contact with our customers.