Vintage Bridal , Vintage Wedding : Fashion and Nostalgia



My exposure to the ” Vintage Bridal ” trend is, of course, the sale of beautiful wedding gowns and accessories but this genre is more than costuming it is the yearn to go back in time to something slower and more meaningful . Something that holds the mystique of romance and love everlasting.

I hear brides- to- be describing a gown more in terms of a decade, than fabric and lace.  The silhouette of an off the shoulder bodice, a train that sweeps the floor during the first dance. These ideas originate from stories and photos of the past. Formal Victorian weddings with grand gowns and shining silver or a simplified war years bride in a white suit and corsage conjure an image of a couple , in a time, setting off together to start their life .


So what does the bride of today, who wants vintage, look for?  I think originality , taking a piece of the past and weaving it in seamlessly with the present . She never seems too lost in what was and too rushed into what will be . She starts with her perfect idea and begins to layer upon it , drawing her inspiration from many different places.  Pinterest is that perfect place to begin . The ideas found there are endless . Country barn weddings, sophisticated urban settings , personal cakes , themed receptions and hand picked menus all start when the bride finds one single piece that calls to her for her own special day.

We have had brides- to- be and moms come into our antiques shop looking for odd , unmatched china plates and vintage flatware , table linens with brightly printed floral motifs and antique lanterns and lighting and  unusual planters and flower holders  to perfectly display these ideas.



Oh and yes the dress, my favorite part . I love when the bride-to-be can see her perfect dress in the lines of a 1940s ivory satin gown . These dresses have great bones and a skilled seamstress transforms the high neck to a sweetheart neckline or removes the long sleeves and goes strapless . Sometimes it’s as simple as deleting the rosettes at the bodice center or the sash around the waist , a tuck here or let out there, a shortened hemline or an added lace train .  Vintage wedding gowns were made with such beautiful , high quality fabrics and workmanship , all you need is an imagination .


I see the modern bride as someone who is not confined by convention , not restrained by what always was but by what can be for her. She is creative, savvy, original and fearless .

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