Victorian c. 1840s Miser Purse / Coin Purse / Steel Cut Beads


Victorian Purse/ Miser Purse/ Steel Cut Beaded Purse/ Victorian Reticule


This the finest example of a Victorian Miser Purse I have ever seen.

I have dated this purse to the 1840s- 50s by the other purses I purchased it with out of a Connecticut estate.

The purse is crocheted in navy blue and tan with tiny steel cut beads crocheted in rows.  It has an opening in center, 2 3/4″,  to slide coins in and two decorative ,polished steel rings that would slide over the opening , at either side, to keep coins secure.  At each end one end of the bag is a steel cut beaded tassel and the other is a crochet pattern , steel cut, closed fend fringe.

The condition is very nice . It has very minimum wear . Looking with a magnifier it has a couple of very tiny rust dots , Really pretty clean.

The purse measures 11″ total length/ 8″ bag length/ 1.5″ tassel length/ 1.5″ fringe length.2″ width.

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