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1940s Hat Brown Cellophane Straw Open Crown


Vintage 1940s Hat/ 1940s/ Stove Pipe Hat/  40s Open Crown Hat

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1940s Hat Brown Cellophane Straw Open Crown / Stove Pipe hat is original and authentic .

The hat is made of brown cellophane straw in a wide weave pattern. It is stiff sided and stands straight up with an open crown top .

The hat has an upturned brim and a rayon ribbon around it close to top. This has a bow at back. There is a grosgrain ribbon around inside brim and it has a New York Creations/ 22 label.

The condition is nice. It has a slight dent on side and three small spots of cellophane are slit open revealing under- frame . These are along fold edge next to face and you don’t them when it is worn.(pics) and a small repair on ribbon around top hole. , again not seen when worn(pic).

The hat measures  : 6″ tall/ 2  3/4″ brim/ 4″ diameter across top/ 7″ diameter across bottom opening.

Thank you for looking at my listing . I am always happy to answer questions and inquiries.