1916 WWI Bridal Ensemble 7 piece Wedding Dress, Corset, Petticoats “


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1916 WWI bridal ensemble 7 piece, wedding dress , corset , petticoats

What an incredible find ! This is a 7 piece wedding ensemble from WWI era.

The Bride was Anna Seaver Ellis who wore this on her wedding day of October 24, 1916 as she married Leon Tarbell Ellis in Keene , NH.  The outfit was saved by the family all these years .

The outfit consists of her shoes , two petticoats , cotton and lace, two camisoles again cotton and lace , her corset and her dress , netting and lace.

I have an album of detailed photographs on my Facebook page // Ladys Slipper Vintage .( Ellis Wedding Dress)

The pieces are in wearable condition , beside the shoes which look to have been worn many times and are in fair condition , all else are in nice condition . The only thing these pieces have is some light staining from storage.  The most notable is on the front bottom of the skirt , left side. This is visible in photos. The bodice of the dress has some small dot spots , again shown in a pic. The petticoats have some light random small spots also. I have not laundered this at all . I believe that most will come out or fade to not visible . My reason for not laundering is the dress has a wide ivory silk sash that is deteriorating and to launder it I would have to take it off . I want the buyer to see it original and make the decision to replace it and have the exact pattern to copy.

The dress is made of a sheer net with floral net lace . It is made in 2 layers . The under layer is all net with lace hems and is attached at waist and back of neckline.  The outer layer is has 3/4 sleeves that are one layer . These has lace panels and ruffled wide cuffs with lace trim. There is a wide collar that comes down front to just above waist and  hangs across most of back , all is lace trimmed.  The center of bust has small covered buttons from waist up . These are decorative and have snaps behind them. There are horizontal lace panels across front, back is plain under collar.  The skirt is layered tiers of net , guaze cotton and lace trim.  The dress has snaps inside waistband and down the side. ( 32″ bust/ 24″ waist/ 34″ hips/ 13″ from shoulder top to waist/ 47″ total length)

The corset is stamped inside ” Redfern Style 7505 cotton corset made in U.S. America “. It is in nice condition . Some light discoloration and a few spots of rust on elastic garters.  The corset is 19″ long , it starts up on bottom of  bust and comes down to the lower hips. The stays are metal and are 11″ long and not stop above the hips . It has wide elastic garters with good stretch and good hardware, the too of the corset is lace and has one small wear hole along the top . The laces up the back are silk and in good condition. It was measured with the spacing already tied at 3”. ( 15″ front length/ 18″ back length/ 32″ bust/ 23″ empire waist/ 24″ waist/ 34″ hips/ 4″ garter length.)

The inner chemise is made of eyelet lace cotton. It is in nice condition . It hooks up the back and has a hook in front to keep petticoat in place. ( 33″ bust/ 23″ waist/ 14″ length front/ 13″ length back). The outer chemise is made of a very fine lace , it has silk ribbon ties around neckline with a bow at front, silk ribbon around short sleeve, cord gathered waistline and snaps up the front. It is looser and more flowing. The condition is very nice . ( 34″ bust/ 26″ waist/ 15″ front/ 13″ back).

The inner petticoat is is lightweight cotton with a drawstring waistband and and 8″ lace hemline. The condition is nice, one small spot. ( 26″ waist/ 32″ hips/ 33″ length).  The outer petticoat is cotton , it has a drawstring waist, a double hem the outer being 13″ of lace. The condition is nice ,it does have some spots and light staining in the lace. ( 34″ waist/ 45″ hips/36″ length).

Thank you for looking at my listing. I am always happy to answer questions and inquiries.  Again please look at the complete photo gallery in my Facebook page.