1910 Edwardian Dress Brown Silk & Velvet 2 Piece


Edwardian / 1910 Dress / Gibson Girl Dress/ Silk & Velvet / Vintage Clothing / Downton Abbey


Here is an authentic , vintage 1910, Edwardian Era dress made of deep brown silk and velvet.

The dress is 2 pieces, the underdress – foundation and an over top .

The dress foundation is ecru silk in center of bodice, front and back.  The sides , sleeves and skirt to thighs, is a deep brown silk.  The bottom of the skirt and cuffs of sleeves are deep brown silk velvet. The over top is also brown velvet.

The foundation dress has a short scoop neckline, it hooks up the front , center to waist, the hook and eyes go along the left side of waistband to side and snaps go down seam for 10″. It has  long sleeves with velvet cuffs and cloth covered buttons . The skirt starts high at bottom of ribs, it is silk for 15″ and velvet for 26″. There is small hand embroidered pockets on front.

The condition of this piece is gently wearable but would be better restored . It is a fine example of the period and will not be a major undertaking to restore silk in underdress.

The ecru silk in bodice is shredding at shoulder , across shoulders in back and beside hooks in front. These panels will easily come out to be replaced. If worn like this it will not show as top covers it completely.  The front and back seat of silk part of skirt has some wear , front is a small rub hole and back is worn over the fanny. The right front under arm has a wear spot on seam. Please see photos. The velvet has some small , light tiny , light spots. Down the right arm, elbow to wrist seam, is some wear.

The top is  a tunic style with open sides. It has snaps on left top shoulder, is longer in back with coth covered buttons , the front is shorter with a silk , hand embroidered band around bottom that would line up to look like a sash . It has some snaps on one side but I don’t see where it snaps on.

This piece is in nice condition. It does have a few of the small , light colored tiny spots.

The dress was measured across and doubled . Please keep in mind it was not meant to be tight: 14″ across shoulders inside seam to inside seam/ 32″ bust/ 14″ from shoulder to waist seam ( lower ribs)/ 24″ waist/ 40″ hips/ 23″ sleeve length/ 53″ total length.

Tunic top:  19″ front length/ 23″ back length.

Thank you for looking at my lisitng.