1840 Victorian Micro Beaded Purse/ Beaded Sampler

Victorian Beaded Bag/ Beaded Sampler / Dated and Signed 1840 Bead Work


1940s Victorian micro beaded purse , beaded sampler .

This little Victorian Purse is signed and dated by the maker much like a Victorian sampler .

The purse came out of a Connecticut estate .

The purse is beaded across the top, just under the frame, on both side : ” LOUISA R. ” &  “WORK 1840”.

The purse is micro beaded on a beige color background with clear, shades of green, shades of pink, black, gold ,white,  cornflower blue and cobalt blue beads.

The purse has a center bird design with surrounding leaves and a flower border along bottom on both sides. The purse has no handle and looks as though it never did.

The bag is lined in natural muslin and is sewn onto a steel frame.

The condition , for it’s age , is very nice.  It has a broken frame on one side. It is cracked in half ( see pics).  The frame has a couple of spots of light rust. There is light wear along top where is was rubbed while using the push in clasp on frame and where it folds on corners to fit frame. It is missing a couple of beads on front and back but the under fabric is intact and in no danger of fraying.

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