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  • 1930s earrings red crystal drop

    1920s Earrings Red Crystal Drop / Vintage Flapper Jewelry

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  • 1950s Vintage Clip Earrings

    1950s Vintage Clip Earrings / Clear Rhinestone

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  • Sale!

    1950s Vintage Earrings / Clip / Large Floral Clusters

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  • edwardian rose quartz earring

    Edwardian Rose Quartz Drop Earrings

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  • Vintage 1950s Earrings Blue Rhinestones

    Vintage 1950s Earrings / Blue Rhinestone Clips

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  • Vintage 1950s Rhinestone Earrings

    Vintage 1950s Rhinestone Earrings /Clips/ Enamel Jewelry

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